The Best Way to Lower your Sugars without Medication.

The Best Way to Lower your Sugars without Medication.
by Dr. Nasir Asghar

Over 400 million people world-wide suffer from diabetes and the estimated cost of Diabetes in the United States is well over 200 billion dollars. Those numbers are mind bending. How do we reign in control of this disease? Are there ways to do it without medication?

The answer to that question is usually the last thing a diabetic/glucose intolerant patient would like to do.


Once you start checking your sugars, you are in control of the disease. You are in the driver’s seat and the diabetes is not taking you for a ride. When you start monitoring your sugars, you automatically start making proper life style changes, eating right, (increased vegetables, no soda, juice, sweet tea, Gatorade/sports drinks) and increase/start exercising. You will quickly see the change in numbers and realize how your sugars react to different food, how your sugars react to exercise, and even how your sugars react to the timing of when you eat. For example eating late night will ruin your sugars the next day. Not only will your sugars and A1c improve, it will also help prevent hypoglycemia (dangerously low sugars).

Instead of adding more medications and reading articles and articles about how to manage your diabetes you can quickly and simply get real life experience and instant feed-back loop on your diabetes. That feed-back loop will train you to become your own expert on your diabetes and make informed and proper decisions with your medical provider regarding further treatment. Without checking sugars systematically, you are blindly treating a disease that will cause havoc on all your body systems and organs  (elevated sugars is akin to running syrup through your bloodstream and syrup make things sticky)

We recommend check your sugars before meals or 2 hours after a meal.
There are now even options to check your sugars without a finger prick (Scanning with your iPhone !!).

I recommend asking your medical provider for more detailed guidance regarding options for sugar meters.