Take charge of your health with MyChart

We’re excited for you to discover how MyChart simplifies your life while empowering you as a patient.

You’ll be able to:

Connect with your care team

See your
test results

Schedule your

Rx refills

before you walk in

MyChart (patient portal)

MyChart is a secure on-line line tool that lets you connect with your doctor or provider and manage your health.
You can complete all your new patient forms directly through this tool!

Features of MyChart

There are several features that you can access through the portal. These are the following features that you will get with the MyChart portal:

  • Communicate with Your Doctor: You can easily communicate with the doctors through this portal. You will get the answers related to your medical questions via this portal.
  • Request Prescription Refills: You can send a refill request for any of your refillable medications.
  • Access Your Test Results: You don’t have to wait for a phone call or letter to view your result. You can check your test result through this portal.
  • Manage Your Appointments: You can schedule your next appointment through this portal. It also allows you to view details of your past and upcoming appointments.

Please ask for your activation code when you come to the office, to signup for MyChart.

e-Check-In before you walk in

Check in before you walk in
Check in for many of your appointments at Prestige Medical Group, before you even step in the door using eCheck-In. Verify information, sign forms, make co-payments, and more to reduce time spent at the front desk.

Guide to eCheck-In
(For Mobile)

If you do not remember any of your login information, you will have to contact MyChart help desk at (855)788-6277 to help you regain access to your MyChart account.

I am having trouble activating my MyChart account. What should I do?
If your activation code has expired, or if you are having trouble verifying your identity to create an account, please contact our Help Desk at 855-788-6277.

Use your smart phone to download MyChart