PRP, or platelet rich plasma therapy, is a treatment utilizing the patient’s own blood plasma for its regenerative properties.

Here at Prestige this is a modality we use in variety of different ways. Once the patient’s own blood is collected it is rapidly spun down with a device called a centrifuge that separates the blood from the platelets. It concentrates the platelets within the blood plasma where we can then use it. When most people think of platelets they only recognize its blood clotting abilities but platelets are actually full of proteins that act as growth factors. These growth factors help repair and regrow the tissue where ever they are placed, making it very versatile.


Our practice does PRP joint injections of the knee and elbow. Injections into the joint are helpful for arthritis, tendon strain, and ligament injury. It helps to rebuild damaged tissue, reduce inflammation and pain, and act as joint lubrications. Aftercare only requires limited activity for about a week and avoiding all anti inflammatory medications for about 2 weeks for best results. Multiple factors go into determining if you are a good candidate for PRP joint injections and the approximate number of injections that will be beneficial. Schedule a consultation or discuss with your provider for more specifics for you.

Hair Restoration

PRP can also be injected into the scalp to treat male and female patterned hair loss. It helps prevent further hair loss as well as promote new growth. Results for this procedure occur over several weeks to months and typically require a minimum of 4 treatments at 4 week intervals, along with biannual to annual follow up. I personally have had the procedure following post partum hair loss with great results.

Skin/ Facials

Another way we use PRP is to treat the skin through facials known as vampire facials. These facials use microneedling were small micro injuries are created in the skin allowing the PRP to be introduced. This helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and encourage collagen production. The PRP acts again as our bodies own natural healing agent to tighten and heal the skin.