Platelet-rich plasma therapy, also known as PRP, has become a hot topic among healthcare over the last several years concerning a range of issues from joint pain to skin care to hair loss. PRP therapy includes using the patient’s own blood to inject into the patient’s specific treatment area to provide tissue regeneration and healing. More specifically, it is the combination of the patient’s plasma and platelets which has been separated from the other components of the blood & then concentrated into the plasma.

As a cosmetic procedure, PRP is injected into the area of the scalp to treat male & female patterned hair loss, prevent hair loss & promote new growth & can be used as a hair stimulant following hair transplants. It is not ideal for patients who have complete baldness. It is believed that by targeting a group of cells called the dermal papilla cells, the platelet therapy is able to regenerate hair growth. This is a great nonsurgical option for patients with amazing results.

It’s best for patients to come in for an initial consultation to discuss their concerns and determine if they are the right candidate for PRP hair restoration therapy. We will go over the procedure in detail to ensure the patient is comfortable and confident in their treatment plan.

On the day of the procedure the patient will have their blood drawn & their blood is then placed in a centrifuge used to spin down the blood & separate the plasma & platelets. The PRP is then retrieved and injected into the proposed treatment area of the scalp using tiny needles.

We aim to keep our patient’s as comfortable and relaxed as possible throughout the procedure utilizing a topical numbing agent and additionally the option to use our patient-administered 50/50 mix of nitrous oxide & oxygen known as Pro-Nox. After your injections there is very little downtime but you may experience some tenderness and swelling. Patients will receive detailed after care instructions following their procedure.

For most patients, results are seen over a period of several months and require multiple treatments spaced at least 30 days apart and typically requiring maintenance treatment annually or bi-annually. 

At Prestige Medical Group we have several experienced Nurse Practitioners including myself that are happy to discuss PRP hair restoration therapy with you and help you look & feel your best going into a new year!

Caroline Garrett FNP-C
Caroline Garrett FNP-C